The Importance of Wearing Good Fragrances


The Importance of Wearing Good Fragrances. Fragrance is a vital part of your overall persona. Men and women alike can benefit from the use of good scented cologne and perfume oils. When I read reviews of different fragrances reviewers tend to speak in superlatives because they can’t find words to adequately describe the emotions which a good fragrance can evoke. There seems to be a trend in that perfumers are doing some radical things when they mix ingredients together to form a fragrance. These new tactics are producing effects which are different and exotic.
I have noticed with several new fragrances that perfumers have added oriental scents to citrus first notes to get a unique effect. They also seem to be lessening the effects of floral fragrances in the second note to help the oriental fragrances have more dominance. This seems to result in a smoother transition from the second note to the third note.

Remember with any fragrance that it can be totally right or totally wrong depending on the way that you use it and the amount that you apply. Female fragrances are still sweeter just not as much as has been the tradition. There are many newer female fragrances which are a departure from the status quo.

I am seeing a transition in men’s fragrances also. The transition also involves the use of citrus and the base note. Perfumers seem to be adding a stronger citrus influence to the first fragrance note and less of the floral fragrances in the second note.

The trend also seems to be a softening of the overall fragrance effect for men’s and women’s fragrance but a uniqueness that just about reaches out and grabs you.

The overall effect of the new fragrances gives an air of independence on the part of the user. Maybe it seems this way to me because of the bold new directions that perfumers are taking in the creation of fragrances.

New fragrances seem to be able to declare a theme more vividly than past fragrances. Perfumers are getting better at choosing a name for the scented oil fragrance and causing it to live up to that name. I liken the perfumer to the jazz musician. The musician uses music notes to paint a picture in the mind of the listener. He or she names a place and then takes you there on the sounds of the music.

The perfumer does the same thing with fragrance notes. He or she names a theme and makes the fragrance live up to that theme. Perfume making blends art and science together to give you a wonderful product. We have begun to expect miracles from our perfumers because they have been giving them to us.

You too can make bold new transitions in the way that you use scented oil fragrances by breaking the established rules for use. You may want to wear a winter fragrance in the summer. This can be easy to pull off if you do it the right way.
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